NAB 2016: Redrock Micro's New Total Eclipse – Halo Solo, Atlas & Orbit

After stealing last year’s NAB show with their revolutionary and award winning Halo system, Redrock brought their A-game to NAB 2016 with even more (and award winning) additions to the family. We spoke with Redrock’s Brian Valente to learn more about the bevvy of new interconnected products, such as the Atlas and Orbit, and how they all come together in their Total Eclipse.

Total Eclipse

Finally you can do everything you want on your gimbal, from pulling accurate focus to getting new innovative shots, all on your own.
The Total Eclipse kit has everything you need to up your game as a solo operator!
Gimbal stabilizers have revolutionized camera movement, but can be frustrating and limited if you are shooting on your own.
Potentially great shots end up being mediocre because it’s difficult to do anything beyond the basics: Critical focus is impossible without a dedicated person, “solo mode” gimbal movement sometimes doesn’t do what you want, and it’s hopeless to accurately frame shots that are high or low.
Configuring your gear on the fly often wastes time, requiring you to set down your gimbal to push buttons.

Halo Solo Complete

The Halo Solo Complete Bundle is a full-featured bundle including everything you need to get running with Halo focus tracking, and also have a solid foundation for remote focus control.
Have focus handled for you while you focus on framing and operating, and the result is stunning cinematic footage with the crew you already have.
Features of this bundle include:

  • Halo Explorer module for automated focus tracking and focus assist
  • Navigator command module for operating Halo Solo, and is a full-featured fingerwheel for manual focus control and (with the correct optional camera) camera run/stop
  • Atlas motor that drives virtually every modern lens
  • State-of-the-art
  • All modules are EclipseNet compatible


Atlas Remote Wireless Kit

The Redrock Atlas Wireless Focus Bundle brings an entirely new level of price/performance to professional-level focus control systems. This bundle includes all the main components needed for controlling your lens’ focus wirelessly with precision and power.
Unlike other products that rely on a specific camera or lens combination, the Atlas Remote is a universal focusing solution, and works on virtually every camera and lens. This is especially valuable as your needs and cameras evolve with each project or even with each shot.
Key Features:

  • Works with virtually all cameras and lenses
  • Automatic and manual lens calibrations from the hand unit, including store/recall calibrations
  • All lenses map to an expansive 270 degrees of rotation
  • Up to 1 mile line of sight range (radio frequency 2.4ghz)
  • Left- or right-handed operation
  • Powerful Atlas Torque motor works with both cinema and still lenses, and is an integrated unit with everything completely contained within the motor housing
  • Hand unit includes adjustable hard stops
  • Camera run/stop feature (with appropriate cable)
  • Navigator Command Module can be added for operator control
  • Precise, reliable all-digital system


Orbit – Monitor Positioning System

If you are a gimbal operator and want to get maximum range of motion while still viewing the monitor for accurate framing, Orbit MPS is for you.
Orbit MPS is the world’s first monitor gimbal that ensures your monitor is always facing you. The unique “follow me” feature automatically tilts your monitor in real-time based on the height of your rig.
The Orbit’s integrated high torque motors work with virtually all compact monitors. You can choose to manually adjust the motor position or use the unique “follow me” accessory to have the monitor position automatically tilt based on the height of your rig.
Orbit Features:

  • Lightweight motorized monitor positioning system
  • Integrated jaw-style clamp fits most gimbal or steadicam mounting frames/rails
  • High torque motor compatible with virtually all compact monitors
  • Powered via integrated LP-E6 battery
  • EclipseNet ready

Each of the products included the Total Eclipse Bundle (as well as the bundle itself) are available now for pre-order. For more information click each of the individual links above, or simply visit

Written by Jake Fruia

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