NAB 2016: RigWheels' Ultra Powerful Magnetic Mounts

Suction cup mounts, though serviceable, are not ideal for holding thousands of dollars of cameras and equipment. As RigWheels’ Lance Lundstrom aptly points out, “You’re using something that’s inherently flexible to try and get a solid shot”. The solution? Magnets! Very powerful magnets at that, something RigWheels’ has perfected and had on display at NAB 2016.

RigMount 100, Heavy Duty Magnetic Camera Mount – $50

The RigMount 100 was developed during real world productions to fulfill the need of permanently mounting cameras to windshields / glass. You would not normally think of using magnets to mount cameras to anything other than metal but as it turns out, they work amazingly well for all sorts of applications. The designs for this part were sitting on our shelf for a couple years and it wasn’t until a recent production requirement presented itself that we decided to move forward with production. RigWheels owner Lance Lundstrom was contracted to provide all of the rigging and support for a Travel Channel show where up to 7 cameras would be rigged in a taxi in different cities around the world. The challenge to traditional rigging is that would need to remain drivable and the cameras would need to stay mounted in the car for an entire week. We have demonstrated this method in the past with our standard RigMount magnets when using a GoPro but this project presented the perfect opportunity to produce the RigMount 100 and test it in real-world situations. The results…Fantastic!
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Written by Jake Fruia

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