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NAB 2016: The DEC Lens Adapter With Remote From Aputure

Lens choice is critical and can be potentially crippling if you have a certain set of lenses that wont work with a camera you need. That’s where lens adapters come in to save the day. However the DEC Lens Adapter from Aputure not only adapts Canon EF mount lenses to MFT or E-mount cameras, but has a host of other features such as a remote control to adjust focus, iris and more.

Lens Compatibility
The DEC lens adapter is able to support all Canon EF-mount and EFS mount lenses, allowing you to attach them to MFT or
E-mount cameras.
328 ft Remote Range
Using the Control Grip accessory, the DEC lens adapter can wirelessly adjust focus and aperture along with several other functions from up to 328 ft away.
Wireless Aperture Adjusting and Focus Pulling
The DEC can wirelessly and remotely adjust your lens’ aperture as well as pull focus. By moving the focus shifter on the Control Grip, you can smoothly and responsively change the focus distance on your lens. The movement is weighted so the more you move the shifter, the faster the focus will adjust.
Easily Switch Between Focus Points
The DEC lens adapter supports the setting of two precise points of focus. Users can then switch between the two points at a variety of speeds using the Control Grip.
Synchronized Display
Bright OLED screens positioned on the adapter as well as the grip show all of the pertinent readouts. Focal length, aperture value, wireless signal strength, and battery power are all available at a quick glance.
Original Design, Excellent Build Quality, Superior Materials
The adapter mount is constructed with high quality brass which has undergone a velvet matting procedure, effectively reducing the amount of light the mount reflects.
Micro USB Connectivity
Both the adapter and grip can be charged via Micro USB cable. The DEC adapter can be charged simultaneously during use. Future Firmware updates will also be available to improve overall performance, stability and compatibility with future lenses.
Mobile Case Included
This tough case is constructed with high-performance anti-impact plastics. The case is airtight, waterproof, dustproof and compression dampening to keep your accessories protected in almost any situation.
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Written by Jake Fruia

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