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NAB 2016: Zylight's F8-200 & Pro-Panel Production Lights

Zylight has some of the best LED lights on the market. Bright, battery efficient and, best of all, affordable, we wanted to speak with Zylight’s James Suit about some of their new LED Pro-Panel and F8-200 fresnel lights on display at the show.


Zylight F8-200 LED Fresnel – $3,299

Built on the award-winning F8 platform, the F8-200 LED Fresnel is the new standard of portable LED lighting. It continues the Zylight tradition of combining high quality optics with a special blend of quantum nanoparticles. The result is output that boasts high CRI and TLCI ratings, with a quality of light matched only by traditional sunlight and incandescent bulbs. And the F8-200 allows you to use your existing standard camera batteries for bright, color accurate LED output.
For the field, the F8-200 is extremely compact and built to last. It collapses to less than five inches thick for easy transport and storage in one of our custom single or dual ATA-rated soft cases. No need to remove an globes. It can be powered by a worldwide AC power adapter or dual standard 14.4V camera batteries for complete portability. Plus, a water-resistant IP54 rating ensures the F8-200 will keep shining in rain, snow, or dust. Don’t try that with your traditional Fresnel.
In the studio, all functionality of the Zylight F8-200 can be controlled via DMX or remotely via the built-in ZyLink ™ wireless link. Local control for dimming, focus and wireless operation is available on the rear of the unit. The yoke mount allows for easy panning and tilting for quick focus, and its ultra-quiet fan operation means it can run in a studio setting without disrupting audio recording or distracting your talent.

  • Thin & Lightweight Design
  • Quantum Dot LED Engine
  • High CRI/TLCI Up to 97 CRI
  • Water Resistant IP54 Rating
  • Variable Spot-Flood
  • Ultra Silent Fan Cooling
  • Single Shadow Beam Shaping
  • Fully Dimmable 100 – 0%
  • 3200K, 5600K & Blacklight Versions
  • DMX or Wireless Operation
  • Dual 14.4v Battery or Worldwide AC Power
  • Yoke Mount for Pan & Tilt
  • Sturdy, Durable Aluminum Construction
  • Made Production Tough in the USA


ProPanel Variable White Soft Lights

1×2 Panel: $2,700, 2×2 Panel: $3,000

Available in 1×2 and 2×2 configurations, the Pro-Panel is a variable color temperature LED soft light designed for cinematography, broadcast video, and professional photography. With Pro-Panel lights, you get all the benefits of LED lighting – cool operation, energy savings, and exceptional long life – without the harsh glare and multiple shadow effects often associated with budget LED panel lights.
Built to keep up with your busy shooting schedule, Pro-Panel lights also deliver flexibility and control. Easily adjustable from tungsten to daylight (2700K-6500K), the Pro-Panel delivers diffused, high-quality light with up to a 95 CRI (Color Rendering Index) rating. High frame rates? No problem for Pro-Panel, which has been tested up to 5600 FPS.
Pro-Panel lights are fully dimmable, include DMX control, deliver a wide 110-degree beam, and feature color and dimming-control knobs (plus two custom preset buttons) on the rear panel. All Pro-Panel lights ship with a honey comb louver to block unwanted light spill and refine beam control, gel frame for customized light effects, and an adjustable yoke that allows mounting on portable stands or hanging on a studio grid.
Power the Pro-Panel with the included AC cable or by battery through its three-pin XLR port. Optional accessories include four-pin XLR remote control, barn doors, and ATA-rated cases.

  • Very wide 2700K Tungsten to 6500K Daylight Variable Range
  • Continuous DMX 512 Dimming Control 100%-0%; 5-Pin XLR In and Out
  • Flicker-Free DC Driving System Suitable for High Speed Frame Rates*
  • Up to 95CRI**
  • Adjustable Yoke Capable of Hanging in Studio or Portable Stand Mount.(Accepts 1/2″ Mounting Hardware)
  • Center Mount Option
  • On-Board Color and Dimming Control Knobs Plus Two Custom Preset Buttons (Tungsten and Daylight)
  • 3-Year Warranty
  • Max. Power Consumption: 100W < 1A
  • 90-240V AC Input Range
  • 110° Beam Angle
  • Certifications: UL, CE and FCC
  • 24-30V DC Battery Input 3-Pin XLR

For more on Zylight’s awesome lights, stay tuned for our continued coverage from NAB, and be sure to visit

Written by Jake Fruia

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