NAB 2018: Say Goodbye To Shipping Hard Drives With QuineBox IoT

As we trekked across the NAB show floor, live streaming each interview and recording for later editing, as great as it was we still wondered: “Is there a better way?”. Well it just so happens there is a better answer: The Quine Box IoT. Band Pro’s Randy Wedick explained the device that will allow you to record directly to the cloud, allowing your editor to start post production right away. Yes it’s real, yes it works and it’s fantastic.

The QuineBox works with Microsoft Azure, Amazon AWS, IBM-, Baidu- or Huawei cloud services. QuineBox is currently the ONLY solution that can serve conformable files both to pure cloud-based services and hybrid-production environments directly from supported cameras. For suitable productions and purposes, like shared-editing, running your video through an AI system to extract additional metadata, like face- and object- recognition, sharing of info within a group and in the longer run: Automating AR experiences, cloud services are unsurpassed. For traditional offline/online production, the cloud-files can be used for offline, as long as the service retains metadata. For news and documentary and publishing directly to web, the files from the QuineBox can be used directly as masters. The files from QuineBox are optimized for editing and preview for high-end productions, and can be the files you take to publishing for quick turnaround news and documentary productions.
You can learn more about this amazing device from our interview above, as well as from

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