NAB 2019: EVA LIVE Multicamera Workflow

At this year’s NAB in Las Vegas, Mitch Gross takes us through the ins and outs of the CineLive upgrade for #Panasonics VariCam LT and EVA1, both cinema and large scale cameras.

With the addition to supporting the AJ-WM50 WiFi Adapter, the EVA1’s USB port now supports several inexpensive third-party USB-LAN adapters. These enable hardwired remote control of the EVA1 over Ethernet from Android and iOS devices running the free EVA ROP app.

Additionally, third-party remote operation controllers can be used to integrate the EVA1 into Live and Near-Live multi-camera production. Panasonic has worked with CyanView to enable communication and painting of multiple EVA1 cameras with a single controller.
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