NAB 2019: Orca Backpack For Sony Rialto & Venice

Last year at Cinegear when Sony announced the new Sony Rialto Camera Extension System, which enables you to remove the sensor block and extend it up to 18′, my biggest question was, “what do you do with the Venice while the operator freely traverses the landscape all willy nilly without a care in the world?”

I mean someone is going to have to tirelessly trot behind the operator while cradling the Venice in their arms ensuring the operator has enough slack to move or else it’s all kind of pointless.
Leave it to the folks at Orca Bags to come up with a new device so the operator can pack their own Venice on their backs while freely operating the Rialto which is suspended by a cable and pulley system.

According to Ofer Menashe of Orca Bags, the idea was so new that they barely had time to create the prototype prior to NAB. What you’ll see in the video is a fully functional conception model which they brought to NAB to show off and solicit opinions from users.
So what do you think? Does this device from Orca make the Rialto a reality? Would you use it? Tell us in the comment section below or better yet on the Youtube video. And PLEASE HIT THE SUBSCRIBE BUTTON on the video and that THUMBS UP thing too. We really appreciate it!
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