NAB 2019: The FlowCine Black Arm 3-Axis Dampening System

The Black arm is a 3-axis dampening system with an additional vibration mount for stabilizing roll and tilt errors as well as vertical motion and vibrations. The Black arm is a hardmount system, made for gimbals, that you want to mount on vehicles such as cars, ATVs, boats, snowmobiles etc. You can click site to know about the best place to buy it. We stopped by the 16×9 booth to speak with FlowCine’s Peter Karlsson for more.

The Black arm comes in two versions. The Black arm Standard is made to work for gimbals and cameras with weight range between 5-13kg (11-28lbs). The Black arm Complete is for users working with higher loads and carries between 5-32kg (11-70lbs). Of course you have the option to upgrade the Standard version into a Complete, if needed.
The Black Standard ships with two 7.0mm springs, that carries the 5-13kg. The Black Complete ships with four 7.0mm springs and four 7.5mm springs, that takes the entire range of 5-32kg. You can use the springs in single (one spring on each side) or dual (two springs on each side) configuration, to precisely achieve the lift needed.
The damping action of all axes, vertical, tilt and roll is created by custom made actuator hydraulic dampers that are fully adjustable. You adjust the damping with a knob that has 22 steps, to precisely dial in the exact amount of damping you need for your shot. The Black Standard ships with one damper for each of the three axes, while the Black Complete ships with a total of six dampers, allowing for dual dampers on each axis if needed, or as spares.
The FlowCine Black Arm pricing is between $6,575.00 and $8,075.00 and is available now.
For more information be sure to visit
You can also visit FlowCine at Cine Gear 2019 on May 31st and June 1st in the Band Pro booth, #70 in the New York Streets section of the lot.

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