NAB 2019: Tilta Armor Man 3 & Tilta Burbank Showroom

Tilta gear has long been popular, with their Armor Man 2 being a crown jewel of sorts in their lineup. Along those lines, Tilta announced the update for their popular rig: the Armor Man 3. We spoke with Tilta’s Walter Diaz for more on the upcoming product.

Armor Man 3 Key Features

  • Improved padding for better comfort
  • Upgraded support arms with two different mounting options
  • Added second way of mounting for different gimbal types
  • Supports multiple gimbal rigs and setups
  • Works with a wide variety of gimbals from different manufacturers
  • extra support for weight
  • Easier to strap into the device
  • Crafted to be much lighter than the Armor Man 2
  • Extended range of motion


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The Armor Man 3 will be available soon for roughly $3,299.

Tilta Burbank

In addition to the Armor Man 3, we also talked to Diaz about the Tilta showroom in Burbank. For those in or visiting the Los Angeles area, you can stop by for a visit where you’ll be able to ask questions about Tilta gear, demo gear, get help with rigging a kit out, setup gear and more.
There is currently no release announced for the Armor Man 3, but be sure to keep an eye here as well as for more info.

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