NAB 2019: Zeiss Supreme Prime 21mm T1.5 & 135mm T1.5 Lenses Available For Pre-Order

Zeiss’ Supreme Prime lenses have been a major hit in the pro video space, tailor-made for digital cinema applications. At NAB 2019 Zeiss announced the Supreme Prime 21 mm T1.5 & the Supreme Prime 135 mm T1.5 would both available for Q3 2019. We spoke with Zeiss’ Kylie Hazzard for more on the lenses, their upcoming release and eXtended Data features.

Consistency is one of the key elements offered by the ZEISS Supreme Prime lenses: that means consistent coverage, color rendering, aperture, size, weight and ergonomics. All the lenses across the family cover full frame and even bigger sensors with an image circle of 46.3 mm. The Supreme Prime lenses are color matched across the full range and most feature a fast T-stop of T1.5.
The small front diameter of 95 mm on almost all lenses and standardized positioning of the focus and iris rings across the whole family facilitate fast and easy equipment changeout. The compact and lightweight design means you enjoy easy and comfortable handling. The ultra-smooth focus rotation of the Supreme Prime lenses even in extreme temperatures allows for small motors to make sure you have an easy setup that’s enjoyable to work with.
The unique ZEISS eXtended Data technology offers lens metadata critical for VFX-intensive productions and workflows on set. The frame accurate information about focal length, focusing distance, T-stop and depth-of-field enables the camera assistant to work more precisely and eliminates guesswork for the DIT. The ZEISS specific distortion and vignetting data makes shooting grids redundant and accelerates compositing and stitching in post-production.
The Zeiss Supreme Prime 21 mm T1.5 and the Supreme Prime 135 mm T1.5 are available for pre-order now with shipping starting in September 2019.
You can test out all Zeiss lenses yourself at their new showroom in Los Angeles. Simply contact to make an appointment.
For more info on Zeiss’ Supreme Prime Lenses, be sure to visit
*Filmed with the Blackmagic Pocket Cinema Camera 4k and Carl Zeiss Light Weight Zoom

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