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NAB Panel: Working To Close The Gender Gap In Post Production

The gender gap at large has been a hot button issue for quite some time now. The arena that seems to get the most attention however seems to be our own industry, filmmaking. There’s been numerous debates on women’s rolls within film (both behind and in front of the camera) for years now, but one area that often seems to get overlooked is post-production. So Adobe decided to shine a light on this shadowed patch of the gender gap at NAB, in their panel ‘Working Together to Close the Gender Gap in Post Production’.

The hour long panel includes Adobe senior product manager Ellen Wixted (who we’ve interviewed numerous times), PBS Frontline production manager Megan McGough Christian, and freelance editors Kylee Wall and Siân Fever. While it acknowledges the larger issue of the gender gap, the panel mostly focus on the “gender gap in technical roles — editing, visual effects, or sound design” and how “that gap has only widened since the 1970s.”
From the YouTube page:

Just 18% of editors in Hollywood and beyond are women, yet media programs are approximately 50-50 male-female. The visibility of women in producing and coordinating roles is often cited, but there is an undeniable gender gap in technical roles — editing, visual effects, or sound design — and that gap has only widened since the 1970s. By working together to understand the root of these issues and committing to make changes, women and men can make a significant impact that will move our industry forward. This panel will discuss the impact of gender equality in the post workplace, strategies for recognizing and un-learning our own internalized sexism, and how we can all work together to adjust hiring practices and erase gender biases in order to ensure the future of women in all post production roles.
Topics include:
•The gender gap in video post-production – why did it happen and how can we work together to fix it?
•Casual sexism affects everyone in ways they don’t realize and it’s difficult to detect. How can we recognize the patterns and work to eliminate it?
•Committing to hiring and mentorship practices: what can both men and women do to ensure the future of women in post?
•The visibility of women within the industry, and how it affects the next generation
•Discovering your own gender bias – how women can avoid selling themselves short in the workplace, and how men can support them

Written by Jake Fruia

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