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NAB 2015: It’s a 4K motion camera that shoots stills – The Canon XC10 4K Camcorder – VIDEO

One of our absolute favorite new products at NAB 2015 was Canon’s 4K XC10. Made as almost a mirror to Canon’s photo focused/video capable DSLRs, the XC10 is a camcorder that focuses on video capture with great photo capabilities. We talked with Canon’s Tim Smith on the versatility of this camera, as well as a bit on Canon’s new monitors.

The 4K capable XC10 is a versatile camcorder, very similar to Canon’s past DSLRs. As Tim Smith puts it, “If you said ‘Who do you think the shooter is [for this camera]?’ I’d say ‘Anyone who buys one'”. That really sums up the nature of the camera. Its strength is in its versatility and simplicity, making it accessible to anyone who buys one. For example, the XC10’s fixed lens may have been offputting to some at first, but when you think of the time and money it takes to find the right lens, or choose from the two, five, nine, twenty, etc. lenses you own, it can be a barrier to going and actually shooting. That’s not an option for the XC10, as it’s ready to go at a moment’s notice, with everything it needs to get started already attached. This makes it a great camera for beginners, veterans on the go and everyone in between.

Another interesting aspect of the XC10 is its removable viewfinder that reveals a touch LCD monitoring screen. This screen allows for touch focusing as well, with Canon’s dual pixel technology allowing you to drag and hold focus as you go, similar to the popular feature found in the Canon 70D. There’s also the ability to pull an 8 megapixel still photo from any 4K video you’ve shot, allowing for amazing coverage. Finally, the XC10 runs on standard Canon batteries that DSLRs use, and it records to both SD card and CFast 2 cards.

Shot on the Canon XC10

The XC10 will begin shipping in late May/early June of 2015 for $2,499. For more information be sure to visit
While with Smith he also showed us Canon’s new professional monitor, the DP-V2410 4K that is intended to be a DIT or director’s monitor. It’s capable of handling an HDR image, as well as possessing color grading abilities and standard pro inputs.
The DP-V2410 4K will be available later this year, around November 2015, for $18,000. For more information be sure to visit

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