New Contest For Pro And Amateur Filmmakers!

Attention all filmmakers, stillmotion has just announced a brand new competition where you could win $15,000 worth of gear.
The Big Shorts Competition is focusing around the usage of the 4 elements of sound design (natural/ambient, dialogue, voiceover, and soundtrack). The contest breaks down into two groups, hobbyists and pros. Each group has it’s own set of audio tasks to fulfill within their film.

Make a 55-60 second film
use the song Honey by Sunbeam
use the theme of “family”
have emphasis on natural sound
Make a 115 to 120 second film
use the song “Building Houses” by Wesley Jensen
use the theme of “home”
Have emphasis on natural sound as well as dialogue
include the line “my heart is” somewhere in the dialogue. It can be spoken on camera or as a voice over.
All entries must be uploaded to StillMotion’s Vimeo page by August 21st 2012, so get out there and start filming!
To read more about the contest and see a video explaining the rules and prizes, visit
Check out the contest at
And check out Stillmotion at

Written by Brett McGinnis

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