New Nikon D4S DSLR – Enhanced Low Light Performance, Better Autofocus & More

Nikon has announced their new D4S DSLR camera, an upgrade to their previous D4, to be released this Thursday, March 6th. The full-frame DSLR boasts 16 megapixels, improved noise reduction, and a new ISO range of 100 – 25600. The D4S also has greatly improved low light performance over its predecessor.
The autofocus is also upgraded, and utilizes its new ‘Group AF mode’. This mode uses five AF points to lock on to the subject, tracking them however they move, and it’s reportedly very accurate. Nikon also makes mention that this, combined with the large sensor, provides a depth and sharpness to images that is a marked improvement over the D4.

There is also much talk over the camera’s body. At 2.98 pounds, it is a bit beefier than many other DSLRs. However the larger size of the body has allowed for all manner of control buttons to be dispersed across its surface, making the camera somewhat resemble Willy Wonka’s great glass elevator. This of course means more control over camera, which is almost always a plus.
With all its power and abilities, the D4S is notably pricier than your average DSLR at an estimated price of $6,500 for the body, over twice the cost of a 5D Mark III. Still, March 6 may come with a happy surprise, and the cost may be less that what everyone is anticipating.
Nikon has a lot of information on the new D4S on its website, at

Written by Jake Fruia

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