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What You’ve Been Waiting For – 5D Mark III Firmware Version 1.2.1

Finally it’s here! The firmware that will change the way 5D Mark III shooters shoot. Maybe that’s an overstatement, but at least now we can rid ourselves of compact flash cards forever. If you didn’t get a chance to see it, you’ll want to check out our interview with Chuck Westfall at NAB 2013, where he breaks it all down:

Probably the most excited person about the firmware is Atomos CEO Jeromy Young who will now be able to to offer the Ninja 2 to 5D Mark III owners for the first time. Here’s more from Jeromy:

How important is this update? Extremely important if you want to move off of cards. However if Magic Lantern’s boasting is correct, it pales in comparison to their recent announcement.

You may have read Sunday that Magic Lantern will soon be offering their 5D Mark III firmware which empowers the 5D Mark II and III to shoot 2k RAW video. However, this update won’t be accessible to the public for a some time.

I personally have never understood some people’s fascination with Magic Lantern as tampering with the 5D’s operating system voids the warranty. If you’re on the fence about using it, consider this warning posted on the Magic Lantern Wiki: “THIS IS DANGEROUS AND MIGHT DAMAGE YOUR CAMERA. NO WARRANTIES. NO GUARANTEES. DO NOT TAUNT. IF IT BREAKS, YOU GET TO KEEP BOTH PIECES.” Being a child of the seventies, I guess it’s been ingrained in me to listen to warnings – probably too much exposure to Mr Yuck stickers — remember these?

For more information on the firmware, go to the canon website at


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