7D Firmware Update Just Around The Corner

Screen Grab From Canon’s Firmware Sneak Peak Video. Click The Pic To See More

In an effort to show that Canon takes good care of all their products, they announced today that the long awaited 7D firmware update will be coming this August.

The update includes a number of fixes, including a few that bring some functions of the new 5D Mark III to its older brother. Some of the changes include:

  • Increasing the maximum number of burst images taken in the RAW file format from 15i frames to 25ii frames.
  • Adding the ability to process RAW image files directly in the camera and
  • Giving the option to set a maximum ISO setting in ISO Auto mode.
  • Adding the ability to adjust up to 64 audio levels manually prior to recording video,
  • Adding a new submenu that allows file name editing
  • Providing compatibility with Canon’s new GPS Receiver GP-E2.
  • Re-sizing JPEG image files in-camera

There are a few more in the press release, which you can check out for more detail at

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