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Adobe Creative Cloud Becomes a Storm with Over 150 New Features

Adobe announced today over a hundred and fifty improvements for Adobe Creative Cloud video apps.  The good news is, if you’re already a Creative Cloud subscriber, these new features will appear as a standard update via your Creative Cloud application manager.  True to their word, these updates are part of Adobe’s commitment to constantly improve the Creative Cloud experience for users, and there will be no price increase to the already reasonable price of just $49.99 per month.  

I have to say, these are not just some “ho-hum” updates — they are significant.  Check out the details and videos below, and if you haven’t tried CC yet, I’ve been using it since its release, and it’s worth every penny and more…

Adobe today announced plans to significantly update the video tools in Adobe® Creative Cloud™. With over 150 new features, this upcoming release is packed with new capabilities in Adobe Premiere® Pro CCAdobe After Effects® CCAdobe SpeedGrade™ CCAdobe Prelude™ CC Adobe Media Encoder CC and Adobe Story CC Plus redefining how video professionals create, collaborate and deliver high quality productions across multiple screens. Important updates will also be added to Adobe Anywhere® for videowhich enables large virtual teams of talent to efficiently shoot, log, edit, share and finish video productions together.

Today’s announcement signifies Adobe’s commitment to providing continuous innovation for Creative Cloud members and builds upon the huge customer momentum Adobe video is experiencing across the broadcast and post-production industries. These major updates, expected in October, allow broadcast and media professionals to extend their creative toolset and streamline their editing environments.

New Innovations to Creative Cloud for Video

Creative Cloud offers video professionals a membership-based service that provides users with unlimited access to download and install flagship Adobe professional video desktop applications as well as the full range of Adobe desktop applications for design, Web and photography.

A new Direct Link Color Pipeline between Adobe Premiere Pro CC and SpeedGrade CC provides an integrated workflow that allows users to move multi-track timelines seamlessly back and forth; open Adobe Premiere Pro CC sequences in SpeedGrade quickly; and see the results as effects in Adobe Premiere Pro CC that are managed by the Lumetri Deep Color Engine.


Expanded native support for UltraHD, 4K and higher resolutions,high frame rates and RAW formats, enables editors to work with footage from the hottest new high-res cameras natively – without having to wait to transcode and re-wrap files.

The Mask Tracker in After Effects enables video professionals to create masks and apply effects that track automatically frame-by-frame throughout a composition to save countless hours of tedious work.

Editing is streamlined in Premiere Pro CC, with improved multicam, enhanced closed captioning capabilities, new monitor overlays and audio monitoring features, enabling editors to work faster.

Performance enhancements punctuate this release with support in Premiere Pro CC for OpenCL, providing editors with the speed and power they need for the most demanding projects; and new GPU debayering of the Cinema DNG file format for real time playback.

A preview of the upcoming Prelude CC Live Logger iPad app, which enables users to log notes, events, and other data on their iPad while shooting, including the ability to sync with timecode on set via supported wireless timecode generators, and then sync metadata to footage via Creative Cloud for faster editing.

Advanced color grading with the new SpeedLooks in SpeedGrade CC offers dedicated camera patches. This allows users to match the color spaces even across different camera formats. New multiple masks and linked mask layers capabilities also enable SpeedGrade users more control over complex looks.

New Sync Settings in Adobe Media Encoder CC let users now sync application preferences between multiple computers via Creative Cloud.

New production planning features in Adobe Story Plus provide powerful scheduling and reporting tools for managing productions efficiently, making it easy to modify and share lists between productions and users.

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Written by Clint Milby

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