Sony Artisan Jeff Berlin Talks About The Journey From Stills To Filmmaking & How Atomos Helped

Sony Artisan and veteran celebrity fashion photographer turned cinematographer and director, Jeff Berlin admits that his transition to the world of moving pictures wasn’t the smoothest. But one product helped make that move all the easier during his work on the film “Three Days In August”: the Atomos Shogun.

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As many can relate, moving from still photo to cinema work can feel a bit overwhelming. But utilizing the Atomos Shogun on a number of projects over the past year or so has helped ease the curve. The Shogun’s full feature set and reliability on set made it possible for Berlin and the crew to shoot large parts of “3 Days In August” with just the one Sony Alpha camera, for a cinema screen no less. “They [Atomos recorders] have been really reliable for me. For example, on “Three Days In August”, there were times when we were running just one camera, recording into one Shogun. And we had no issues during that three week shoot at all with the Shogun.”

Berlin would use the same set up for another film, “Anathema”, noting the numerous features he fell in love with while on set. The Shogun’s waveform for example, has become a helpful bridge between Berlin’s experience as a photographer and his cinematography work. “As a still photographer I was always using my hand meter… now, when I’m shooting with the Shogun, I bring up that waveform and am really able to see where my exposure values are in my picture.”

jeff berlin atomos

Far from his only beloved feature, the Shogun’s playback features were also very appealing to Berlin, as well as the ability to mark in/out points and tag footage. “You can monitor and review, and it’s really helpful for the director and for me to see what we’ve done and decide if we need to make any adjustments. It saves workflow, it saves workload. It saves time.”

Starring Meg Foster and Barry Bostwick, “Three Days In August” shows a dysfunctional family come together to help a family member confront her past, and is currently travelling the festival circuit. You can find out more at

Jeff Berlin is a Sony Artisan, photographer and cinematographer who has worked with countless celebrities and brands to create stunning images, both still and in motion. You can find all of his stunning work at

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