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Band Pro Open House 2015: Carl Zeiss’ Strong Year In Review

Carl Zeiss is a legendary master of their craft, however some years in their long legacy are always going to be better than others. That is certainly the case with 2015, which saw Zeiss release two new lens families and expand another even further, proving that they are still the masters. We spoke with the newest member of the Carl Zeiss team, Snehal Patel, about several of Zeiss’ lines of lenses.

The Milvus Lens Family


The ZEISS Milvus lens family with precise manual focus offers high and consistent image performance across all focal lengths. They are ideal for current DSLR cameras and also for mirrorless system cameras of the Sony α7 series via an adapter solution.

The Otus Lens Family

Zeiss Otus
Zeiss Otus


The Otus 1.4/28 shows off its strengths particularly in landscape and nature photography. Even with a maximum aperture, the corners of the image are completely usable, so there are no limits to composition.

The Batis Lens Family


The new ZEISS Batis 2/25 and 1.8/85 lenses are the first full-frame autofocus lenses with an OLED display for the mirrorless Sony α series and therefore the pioneers of a new era. As professional tools, they enable outstanding outcomes with optimal image performance, impressive contrast and maximum resolution down to the very last detail.

The Loxia Lens Family

Zeiss Loxia
Zeiss Loxia


The Loxia family has been specially optimized for digital sensors and the functions of mirrorless E-mount full-format cameras. An electronic interface transmits lens data (EXIF), but also recognizes focus movements and, if desired, activates the camera’s magnifier function. Moreover, the Loxia lenses enable precise manual focusing and a mechanical setting of the aperture (working-aperture aperture priority). This traditional way of working can express one’s personal photo lifestyle, and open up surprising new creative possibilities to compose the image that go beyond all automation.

Zeiss Compact Primes

One of the most important aspects of a successful production is the competence and diversity of your team. Whether you’re shooting a commercial where exquisite color rendition and high contrast is important, or a tense, dramatic sequence in low light situations for a feature film, Compact Prime lenses offer you the performance you need to get the scene right.

Zeiss Compact Zooms

Zeiss Compact Zoom

The new Compact Zoom CZ.2 lenses are as versatile as they are powerful and incorporate features never seen before on lenses of this kind. They are handy, compact, ready for 4k and even offer full-frame coverage. With their zoom lengths of 28-80 and 70-200 mm, they give you a wide range of creative options.

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