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Band Pro Open House 2015: Dracast’s Wide Range Of LED Lights

Dracast has made a name for itself by way of their affordable and well crafted LED lights. Having recently expanded their line with an on camera light, more Fresnels and more, we wanted to stop and speak with Dracast’s John Armendariz for more on their line.

Dracast Fresnel Series – Starts At $595

dracast fresnel 1

The performance of a high-output tungsten or HMI fresnel comes together with the advantages of LED technology in the Dracast LED FRESNEL Series. The FRESNEL Series  are  powerful, DMX-controlled  studio fixtures that incorporate cutting-edge technology to provide all the benefits of LED lighting in  the classic Fresnel design. This means that our fresnels provides tremendous light output while  using very little power and generating next to zero heat. Add to this a completely silent, passive, heat-sink  cooling system, and the Dracast FRESNEL series is perfectly suited for any major studio application.

Dracast On Camera Series – $195 & $349

dracast on camera 1

The ON CAMERA Series from Dracast was originally designed with photographers in mind. With the  current generation of feature-rich DSLR cameras that also shoot beautiful HD video, we set out to design a professional-grade alternative to traditional strobe lighting for the photography  world. What  started as a single, plastic fixture has since grown into two robust, aluminum, high-output, camera-mountable lights that are used by amateur photographers and professional DPs alike. ON CAMERA Series LEDs are  available in two sizes: LED160A, and the LED200.

Dracast Panel Series – Starts At $595

dracast studio series 1

The PRO Series Panels from Dracast are the panel lights that made Dracast an industry brand. The build  and features of the PRO Series set a standard for professional build quality while still maintaining price  points that stay within budget. Which is why the Dracast PRO Series remains a customer favorite in 2015.

The STUDIO Series Panels from Dracast are being installed and utilized in  production facilities around  the world. The build and features of the STUDIO Series are designed to give production studios professional-grade quality while maintaining price points that stay within budget. This is why the STUDIO  series from Dracast remains a staple in our lineup in 2015.  

*NEW FOR 2015* The PLUS Series Panels from Dracast are the most refined panel lights from Dracast to date. The build  and features of the PLUS Series represent the feedback from hundreds of lighting professionals world-wide who have helped to make our best even better. PLUS Series Panels are available in three sizes:  The LED500, LED1000, and LED2000.

Dracast is currently running a holiday sale on many of their lights, so the best thing you can do is go to their website to find out more info:

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