Canon 6D Vs. Canon 7D


In December of 2012, while we were busy waiting for the world to end, Canon was busy releasing their newest DSLR, the 6D.  Since it’s release, the 6D has been compared to some of Canon’s past DSLRs.  Today, we’re keeping tradition alive and taking a look at the battle between the Canon 6D and the Canon 7D.

To me, there isn’t much competition here.  The 6D is the bully on the playground, stealing the 7D’s lunch money everyday.


Don’t get me wrong here, the 7D is a really nice camera, but when it comes to image quality, the 6D wins.

Canon 6D

-First off, the 7D is working with an APS-C sensor, while the 6D has a full frame sensor.

-The 6D has better color depth.  23.8 bits vs. the 7D’s 22 bits

-The 6D has much lower noise at a higher ISO

-The 6D has 20% better image quality than the 7D

-The 6D has a higher maximum ISO.  25,600 ISO Vs. The 7D’s 6,400 ISO

-The 6D has a higher true resolution. 20.9 Mp Vs. 17.9 Mp

-The 6D has longer battery life.



Now, the 7D does have a few features that the 6D lacks

-The 7D has built in flash, the 6D does not.

– More lenses available for the 7D

-Slightly cheaper in price

-Shoots significantly faster. 8 fps Vs. the 6D’s 4.5 fps

-Faster max shutter speed. 1/8000 of a second Vs. the 6D’s 1/4000 of a second.

-More focus points.


It’s obvious when looking at the features of the cameras that the 6D is superior…which is good to see since for a while Canon has been packaging basically the same camera in different body styles (T2i, T3i, T4i).  When it comes to shooting still images, the 7D has a few features that you may need in certain situations, but in the end you’ll get a superior image on the 6D.  When it comes to shooting HD video, the 6D takes the cake hands down.  If you are interested in seeing the cameras compared further, check out which rates the 6D at 89 and the 7D at 71.

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