Canon T5i Review. Not Much Has Changed?, the leader in DSLR lens rentals recently reviewed the new Canon Rebel T5i before it ships out.  And from their review, I gather that they’re a bit disappointed.  I know that I’ve complained in a previous blog that Canon seems to pretty much be putting the same/very similar internal camera into a new body (T2i, T3i, T4i), and it looks like this may be the case with the T5i as well.  Borrowlenses says if you have a T4i, don’t buy in to the “upgrade” “So what good is this camera? For a T4i owner, not much. It is about $100 more than the T4i was last year (body only) and it just doesn’t seem worth the upgrade.”

Canon Rebel T5i

Not much on the T5i has changed since the T4i:

-Same megapixel count (18) and same sensor

-Same LCD menu

-Same 1080p video, mic, and 3.0″ Vari-Angle Touch Screen

-Same 9 Point All Cross-Type AF System and ISO


If you’re interested in the new T5i, make sure to head over to BorrowLenses and check out the complete T5i review before making your purchase!

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