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Colin Smith On Adobe/Blackmagic Synergy & Workflow

While at Blackmagic Day LA we spoke with Adobe’s Colin Smith about a number of topics, including the synergy between Blackmagic and Adobe’s workflows, his own success using the two together, and more.

Smith starts by saying a part of the reason Adobe and Blackmagic have work well together is simply because they communicate and update each other constantly on their respective products. This allows them to work together to form a cohesive workflow. Smith also notes the benefit of Adobe personnel who use Blackmagic products themselves. He actually owns the Blackmagic Cinema Camera 2.5K and uses it to shoot his show ‘No Stupid Questions’, giving him first hand knowlede of what he’s trying to sync his own work with. The details of how he’s able to shoot and edit three episodes in one work day are in our interview above. Suffice to say that the synergy between Blackmagic Cameras and Adobe helps him produce more content quicker.

Another topic we touched on was a Facebook group called ‘Moving To Premiere Pro’. While Smith professes that he is “Not one for joining [Facebook] groups”, he says it is a great, collaborative space where people can go to get quick answers to their Premiere Pro questions. While those answering are usually other Premiere Pro users, Smith says he and many other Adobe team members frequently participate in the discussions as well. Best of all, the page is a safe, drama free place simply for those with questions about Premiere Pro.

You should definitely check out Colin Smith and his work, including his awesome show ‘No Stupid Questions’, at For those who are thinking about moving to Premiere Pro, you should visit the aptly named Facbook group, ‘Moving To Premiere Pro‘. For more information about Adobe products, be sure to visit

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