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Redrockmicro Lens..?
Last month, I had an opportunity to get my hands on another great product from Redrock Micro.  When I think of Redrock, I think of camera support systems, like the wireless follow focus, DSLR Cages and cinema rigs.  I have to confess that lenses don’t typically come to mind.

So I was totally knocked off my horse when I received a little, anodized aluminium cylinder with Redrock Micro 72mm 5x Macro etched into the side with white lettering.

A work of art in its own right...
A work of art in its own right…

Work of Art
Unscrewing the cover reveled a beautiful and elegantly sculpted lens that glowed with razor-sharp reflections of evenly the most dimly lit objects. Although a work of art in it’s own right, the true mark of a fine lens is performance, and after putting it through the paces, I can attest that the Redrock’s macro lens it built to maximum optical performance.  This 72mm,  multi-coated, HD, macro-lens attaches to your existing lens simply and easily, just by screwing in to the filter ring. Redrock’s 72mm screws into the filter threads on any lens with 72mm filter threads.


For the purposes of testing, I used the Canon Zoom Lens EF 28-135mm 5.6 simply because it has a macro setting to provide a comparison and the fact it has a 72mm filter thread so the Redrock lens fit perfectly.

When outfitted with step-up or down rings, the Redrock Macro Lens can accommodate most any lens allowing you to get closer to your subject no matter how small.  Redrock sells step rings, but you can purchase them anywhere.

Without the Redrock Macro and With it 1


Again, I pitted the Redrock Macro against the Macro setting of the EF 28-135 5.6  using the Canon’s macro setting.  The results both in video and in stills, speak for themselves.

Without the Redrock Macro and With it 2

The Redrock Macro proved to provide a significant magnification with little to no chromatic aberration.  Although magnified, the images retained their clarity and in some cases the images were more clear, (notice the cat’s eye).


The Redrock Micro 72mm Macro Lens is a great tool for either stills or video.  Not only are you getting magnification, but you’re getting it without any loss of image quality, and in some cases I found it improved the overall color and sharpness. The lens will expand your visual vocabulary and open up your projects to the microcosm.

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