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Premiere Pro World: Jeff Greenberg’s Key To Avoiding Brain Death

Our final presenter interview from Premiere Pro World, Jeff Greenberg is a master trainer who’s legacy begins with Future Media Concepts, and spans multiple platforms and programs. An absolutely amazing gentleman, he stopped to talk with us about his presentation, some quick tips to using Premiere Pro better, and his secret to avoiding brain death.

Jeff Greenberg was one of Future Media Concepts’ first employees, making him a natural choice for presenter at Premiere Pro World. His session, ‘Maximizing Performance In Premiere Pro’, gave a litany of things you can do to tweak Premiere Pro to “get every last bit of oxygen out of that tool”.

Jeff Greenberg

Perhaps the best thing about his presentation is definitely Greenberg’s philosophy on teaching his sessions: “I want to tell you something so cool it makes you cry”. During our interview, he even provided about five quick and easy things you can do to make Premiere Pro run better from his video “20 Premiere Pro Tips In 20 Minutes”:

  1. Click on a piece of music in your timeline and hit the ‘G’ key for Audio Gain. Type in ‘-15’ in the Audio Gain box and hit enter. This will prevent you from “deafening yourself.”
  2. Similarly, select a bin of music, hit the ‘G’ key and enter the same ‘-15’ value to do this to an entire set of music clips.
  3. Do not use Premiere’s ‘Import’ option. Use the Media Tool instead. It lets you preview clips prior to import, avoiding importing clips you may just end up ditching after you realize you never wanted them imported to begin with.
  4. Use the ‘~’ (tilde, grav) to turn the smaller preview windows you see in the Media Tool full screen, giving you a much better way of checking your clips prior to ingest.
  5. Finally, in Adobe Prelude, using the ‘Ingest’ button provides the same Media Tool mentioned before, only it has the added ability to move files from a card to a separate location, while also verifying the files were copied correctly. This saves you from any file corruptions, and provides a useful backup in the event of any other disaster.


Jeff Greenberg

Jeff Greenberg also let us in on his cure for brain death: “The day you stop learning is the day your brain starts dying”. To that end, in addition to his other educational work, Greenberg runs The Editors Retreat, an event that requires an application to attend. Only for those with some editing clout, The Editor’s Retreat is several days of editing and keynotes on editing that will hopefully fill you with enough new info to make you cry. The event is in February 2015, and you can find out more info at

To say Jeff Greenberg knows a lot is a massive understatement. A true Master Trainer, he provides the above wisdom and so much more in just our short interview with him above. As if that weren’t enough, Greenberg maintains an open view towards people reaching out with questions over email.

You can find all you need to know and more about Jeff Greenberg at

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