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Happy Birthday To The HDSLR Revolution!

As some of you may know, yesterday was the 5th birthday of the Canon 5D Mark II. For many, this event is what changed the industry forever, inspiring filmmakers both old and new. This was the beginning of the HDSLR Revolution that we’ve talked about for just about 3 years here on HDSLR Shooter. However since that time it’s come under constant scrutiny as an industry fad. Many times over have we heard “HDSLR is dead!” or something being referred to as “An HDSLR Killer”. But here we are, the HDSLR Revolution still going strong after five years of working with the camera/s that brought together the filmmaking community in unforeseen ways, and inspired what could almost be described as a filmmaking renaissance. But what about the next five years? That’s the question PlanetMitch over at Planet5D asked our very own HDSLR Shooter creator, Clint Milby, when he came to remind us about the HDSLR’s birthday. He wanted to bring together some of the most notable names in HDSLR to comment on the HDSLR Revolution and what the future holds for it, all to compile into an eBook called “The HDSLR Revolution Is Over…Right?”. From professional writers and shooters like our very own Clint Milby and News Shooter’s Dan Chung, to gear manufacturers who’ve helped continue the revolution through their innovations, like Redrock Micro’s Brian Valente. He even managed to get the views of Hollywood DP Shane Hurlbut, and about 30+ other industry insiders, from working videographers, cinematographers and more. You can see what everyone had to say about the future of HDSLR in “The HDSLR Revolution Is Over…Right?” by heading on over to and simply signing up for their newsletter. If you already subscribe (like us) then you simply need to contact PlanetMitch at contact to have it sent to you. With the names involved and the oft asked question of the HDSLR’s future, it’s definitely worth a read. *Images provided by Planet5D

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Written by Clint Milby

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