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HDSLRShooter at NAB 2013: Redrock Micro’s ‘Cobalt Cage’ for GoPro Hero

New Support Cages Transform GoPro POV Action Cams into Professional Production Cameras

Redrock Micro debuted another new product at NAB 2013: the Cobalt Cages and accessories for the GoPro cameras.  The Cobalt Cage is an all aluminum housing that encases the GoPro Hero 1, 2 or 3 for ultimate protection, exceptional mounting and rigging support. and extensive accessory attachments. The Cobalt Cage is professional gear at a price anyone can afford.

“GoPro cameras have been great cameras, but reliable mounting has been really frustrating, “said director and cinematographer Jon Collins. “With the Cobalt Cage, I’m able to attach it directly to a ballhead to get the cameras in exactly the place and angle I want. The multiple attachments on all sides gives me the ability to rig the camera with three points, which makes a huge difference in the shot’s stability, and gives me the confidence to push the rigging for some really unique angles. And talk about indestructible–we accidentally ran one over with a 5-ton grip truck, and the camera was fine, the cage only a little nicked up. GoPro cameras can be disposable, but anywhere we can save money, it helps.”

Here’s more from the Press Release:

Use Excessive Force.

Constructed from precision-machined military-grade aluminum, this GoPro cage is impact-proof, crash-proof, crush-proof and bulletproof, making it an essential GoPro accessory for keeping the camera secure and shots rock-solid and stable. The Cobalt Cage’s reinforced, high tensile design gives shooters extra confidence when using their GoPro in extreme POV, risky camera setups or insane camera mounts.

Mount Without Fear.

The Cobalt Cage opens up unlimited mounting possibilities with four sides of industry-standard ¼” taps. This enables GoPro cameras to be mounted directly to standard video gear including fluid head tripods, ballheads, and suction cups. The Cobalt Cage’s multiple attachment points support three-point rigging for the ultimate in shot stability and camera placement. A GoPro finger mount plate is also included so existing GoPro accessories and GoPro mounts can also be used with the Cobalt Cage.

Expand Without Limits.

Attaching accessories to the Cobalt Cage is easy and reliable. Mount up LED lighting, microphones, additional power–anything needed to elevate the shot’s production value. For example, a naked GoPro in the Cobalt Cage, a suction cup, microphone, and LED light can be used for interior car shots with superior picture and sound. An optional shoe mount can be added to the cage for attaching shoe-mount accessories as well.

The Only Cage You Will Ever Need

The Redrock Cobalt Cage offers the best value for the most versatile cage. Nothing on the market compares to the value and incredible features and support the Cobalt Cage delivers. The Cobalt Cage is the only full cage that delivers maximum protection (crush-proof, crash-proof), offers use with or without the Hero underwater housing and enables full access to all ports, switches and card slots. It also secures the camera with 6 points of contact (not just the finger mount), provides 22 mounting points on all four sides for rigging AND accessories and is compatible with all GoPro camera add-on accessories– all at the revolutionary price of $99.


For More Information

Additional details on the Redrock Cobalt Cage for GoPro Cameras and accessories can be found here: or see them for yourself at Cinegear Expo 2013 – Booth 30 in Los Angeles, 5/31/13 – 6/1/13.

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