How to Create Your Webseries and Find Your Audience

The webseries: everyone has one, and no one wants to watch them. How many times have you received an email about your friend’s webseries, and just rolled your eyes and clicked “delete”. I know I get them, and the fear of it being terrible and then having the responsibility to respond to, ‘how did I like it?’ just seems too much to bear.  Why is that? Well, it’s because most of them suck. It takes skill to properly execute something that is compelling and entertaining. It also helps to know your audience, and what they want.

If you’re thinking about creating a webseries, and if you’re reading this you probably are, then do yourself and favor and check out a great new seminar from The Industry Workshops by Maddox who has been producing content for over 19 years and has a Youtube channel with over 37 million views.

The live seminar will be held Saturday, April 23rd, 9am to Noon at CBS Radford Studios in Studio City, CA. Of course, if you can’t make it, there will be an online video available at the same price of $35.00

For more information, or to book the class, go to the website at

 Here’s more from The Industry Workshops:


Entertainment and distribution of entertainment has had a tectonic shift in recent years. Video sharing sites like YouTube, Twitter, Funnny or Die, Facebook, Vimeo and many others have changed the rules of content creation. The cost of entry into this field is so low that nearly anyone can join in a meaningful way.

But with that democratization comes a drawback: the low cost of entry has flooded the Internet with content. How do you stick out in a field with so many players? How can you get noticed? How will you find your audience–and keep it?

To answer these questions, we’ve asked one of the Internet pioneers with a career spanning 19 years, Maddox. His YouTube channel has over 37 million views, and his website is one of the longest-running humor sites on the web with over 200 million views, running consistently since 1997. He has a podcast with over 6 million downloads and 40,000 weekly downloads PER EPISODE. He’s written several books and is a New York Times bestselling author.

*** During this class, we will spend some time watching and analyzing videos. If you have a short video or part of a web series that you would like discussed in class, bring it with you. Maddox will gauge your channel’s viral-ability and will provide valuable feedback on how to improve your chances of standing out on the web.***

In this workshop, we will:

Look at several case studies of successful web series, as well as not-so-successful ones to see what worked and what didn’t.
Discuss strategies and expectations for a successful web series
Discuss the different types of web series and how each genre finds an audience
By the end of this workshop, you’ll know:

How to create, market and distribute content around the web
How to find your audience and keep it
How to avoid common pitfalls when people create web series
Who should attend this workshop: producers, directors, writers, actors, performers, and anyone who would like to create viral content

About the Instructor:

Maddox is a New York Times bestselling author of “The Alphabet of Manliness” and “Crappy Children’s Artwork.” He started his website, “The Best Page in the Universe,” in 1997 and has been written about in Time, Newsweek, CNN, The New York Times and NPR. Former computer programmer and mathematics major, Maddox has been writing for over 19 years. His debut book, “The Alphabet of Manliness,” hit #1 on Amazon’s bestseller list and in the top 5 New York Times bestseller list for over 8 weeks. He has since launched a YouTube channel with over 37 million views, and a successful podcast with over 175,000 monthly downloads.

To learn more about Maddox, visit HIS WEBSITE, HIS YOUTUBE PAGE, or HIS PODCAST.

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Written by Clint Milby

For more information, go to his website at


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