IBC 2017: Introducing – Marketplace For Vintage & Pre-Owned Modern Optics

Announcing, a new way to buy and sell classic glass for the stills and motion picture industry. is a safe and simple way for individuals, brokers and companies to trade in vintage and pre-owned modern lenses. Founded by esteemed industry veterans, allows easy access, low cost, and safe transactions in the buying and selling of glass.

“Up until now, buying and selling classic lenses was a pain,” said co-founder Matt Duclos.  “Platforms like eBay and Facebook make searching for the right lens or the right place to list it a pain for both buyers and sellers.  You could search around web forums or try word of mouth through friends and companies you knew.  It was all very ad hoc, disorganized, and old school.”  Matt is also the President of Duclos Optics, the family-run Los Angeles premiere lens sales and services company.  “ is about making the process simple and inviting for buyers and sellers.  There can be a vintage Russian anamorphic lens from the sixties and a Canon 50mm prime from a year ago – and on both are easy to find and evaluate for buyers and sellers.”

Co-founder Ryan Avery has developed some of the most notable new lenses of the past decade from companies such as Schneider, Veydra and Tokina.  “We have a passion for optics of all kinds, from unique and obscure specialty lenses to the workhorse primes and zooms.  Our slogan is ‘Glass Matters,’ and it’s really important to us.  With, we wanted to bring the confidence and ease of buying new lenses to the classic and pre-owned glass that’s out there in the world,” said Ryan.  “Auction sites and backroom deals can be uncomfortable for many reasons. is a straightforward and safe marketplace for vintage optics.  We want to make the best platform for shooters to learn, find, and buy great used and vintage glass to expand their creative options.”

For sellers, charges no listing fees, just a 3.99% commission if a sale goes through.  That commission is capped at $500 per sale, so costs are always clear and straightforward.  There are no fees charged to buyers.  Listings are curated and transactions are protected through PayPal, and other direct payment methods and escrow services will be made available soon.  The beta site is available now, and both individuals as well as industry-leading dealers and brokers are already listing vintage glass for sale.

In addition to the Marketplace, is designed to be an educational resource for all things glass. Current articles include guides on evaluating and identifying lenses, and future resources will expand upon the different types of vintage lenses available, along with descriptions of their various attributes. is a place for people who are curious or passionate about lenses and how they can help their craft. – Glass Matters.

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