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ICG Emerging Cinematographer Awards 2013: VanNessa Manlunas

It’s one of my greatest joys to have the privilege of not only seeing great projects but to also get an opportunity to visit with filmmakers and get to know their background and find out a little bit about what they were thinking while working on a particular project.  Manlunas’s project, King of Norway, for which she was honored, was a powerful tale of a daughter who had to say goodbye to her ailing father.  Trust me when I tell you, when this piece concluded there wasn’t a dry eye in the theater.

This film had a great mix of visual styles that felt almost like a documentary and was appropriately peppered with time lapse sequences.  I’m a huge fan of time lapse, however, it was truly refreshing to see them used appropriately to tell a story.

In our interview, Manlunas talks about her experience shooting this project as well as her passion for time lapse.

Here’s more about VanNessa  Manlunas from ICG:  

King of Norway – loosely based on the true relationship between writer/director Sylvia Sether and her father – is about a young girl whose father’s accident leaves him unable to create new memories. As an adult, she learns that he’s dying, and she finds her way back to him only to discover that love is impossible to forget.


“In the grander scope,” explains Manlunas, “this story touches on the undeniable human connection we share and the effect we can have on each other’s lives. I knew we had to shoot this on film, as 16 mm was the right call for the story’s realism.’

“We wanted that hint of vibrance to match the rich performances,” adds Manlunas, who shot on Kodak 500T 7230, “and with enough texture to make the overall feel more vulnerable and ‘lived in’ from the beginning, since we’re only in the lives of these characters for a short, tough period of time.”

King of Norway:  Synopsis 

For twenty-three years Olaf has been confined to a nursing home and his daughter Liv has been imprisoned by the guilt she feels for not visiting him. When Liv’s estranged mother calls to deliver the news of his imminent passing, she is forced to return home and face what she’s spent her entire life running from. As Liv confronts the past and finally steps into the present, memories overwhelm her, coming together like pieces of a puzzle. As her walls begin to crumble, Liv awakens to the mystery of letting go, regret, loss and the extraordinary strength of love.



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Written by Clint Milby

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