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Is Your Footage Safe? Using Cloud Storage To Protect Your Files

So you got that Canon EOS-1D X, but how are you going to keep track of all those pictures you took while visiting China last summer? An external hard drive is handy, but you wouldn’t want to carry it with you everywhere you travel. What if it gets stolen or lost? Here are some of the best cloud services out there for photographers, though several of these can also be adapted for video files as well.


Adobe Revel

Adobe Revel is a fun mix between a Cloud storage service and photography editing software. Like Dropbox and Google Drive below, Adobe Revel lets you save and share photographs from an online Cloud. However, Revel steps in another direction at this point. With a user friendly interface you can easily choose which pictures go to your client, which go to Mom and Dad, which go to your friends, etc. Instead of giving everyone full access to an album, you get to choose which pictures each person gets to view and this option could be helpful for businesses as well. Furthermore, the Adobe Revel app lets you touch up your photographs with 24 filters, red eye reduction, and a rotate and crop option. This may not appeal to the purist photographer. But as far as sharing pictures of the kids with mom and dad go, this service is a good one. With a monthly subscription for unlimited photo and video storage Adobe Revel is a solid product.


Dropbox is perhaps less robust than Mozy, but for the casual photographer it still boasts plenty of functionality when it comes to syncing, sharing, and storing files. With apps on both iOS and Android operating systems, it’s easy to access your photos wherever you go. It’s easy to set up shared Dropboxes among friends and family in order to share files within a closed community. With monthly and yearly subscription options, Dropbox provides up to a terabyte (TB or 1,000 GB) of storage.

Google Drive

Google Drive flourishes in functionality because of the expansive community Google already possesses. If you have a Google account then upgrading your Google Drive for more storage is no problem. Monthly subscriptions start for 100 GB and top out at 30 TB of storage. Because Google syncs everything across its multiple platforms, including Google Plus and Gmail, sharing photos with friends, family, or between employees, is as easy as loading them on to Google Drive, then you can pick and choose which pictures you want to make available for viewing on your Google Plus page or send files directly through email or post them in a private Google Community.



Like Google Drive, Apple’s iCloud has an enormous amount of functionality because of the other platforms Apple offers. One Apple ID is enough to run email, iTunes, iCloud, and any other iService you might be interested in. Though iCloud might seem like it would be better suited for the Mac user, there is also a version for Windows. The iOS app let’s you share between devices in an easy, streamlined way. iCloud, like Dropbox has an option for up to a TB of storage space.


Mozy by EMC is a heavyweight in the Cloud marketplace. Not only does Mozy have a host of services for desktop and laptop backup, but they serve a broader customer base than just the standard individual. With Cloud services specified for personal use, small businesses, or the corporation, Mozy boasts military grade encryption, and offers lots of options to explore. With automatic sync options between computer, devices, and the Cloud, this is a premier Cloud service for the serious photographer.

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