Kinefinity Announces New MAVO & MAVO LF, Cinema Prime Lenses

Kinefinity has announced the release of their new MAVO and MAVO LF 6K cinema cameras, as well as a new series of cinema prime lenses.

Kinefinity MAVO & MAVO LF – $14,000

MAVO and MAVO LF are based on the same computing platform, using advanced color processing architecture and new CMOS image sensors to achieve low-noise, high latitude dynamic images. Whether it is the S35 format version of MAVO or the large format version of MAVO LF, up to 6K images can bring extraordinary details, sharp images and rich levels. MAVO uses the S35 6K CMOS image sensor for all S35 lenses and large format lenses. MAVO LF large-format cameras provide large-scale aesthetics such as cleaner images, wider viewing angles, shallower depth of field, and more presence.

MAVO and MAVO LF provide 6K wide 66fps slow motion, 4K wide 100fps high speed shooting, these high-speed images and the normal frame rate of the shooting picture is exactly the same, more than 14 degrees of latitude, natural highlights and delicate dark parts are Get perfect reservations. 6K 3:2 aspect ratio CMOS sensor, in addition to the conventional 16:9, 17:9 standard aspect ratio, can also be very flexible to provide a variety of format recording methods, such as 4:3, 6:5 S35 Deformation width screen, even the full-open door 6016×4016, up to 24 million pixels of dynamic images!

The Kinefinity MAVO is a modular system similar to what Kinefinity did with the Terra line. The camera body includes the brand new 6K CMOS Super 35mm sensor, along with basic I/O, headphone output, 2.5” SSD port, built-in mic and the port to attach the SideGrip – a side handle offering basic controls and battery compartment – and the KineMON – the camera’s proprietary monitor.

Like the Terra, the Kinefinity MAVO becomes a much more powerful beast when attaching the optional KineBACK module at the rear of the camera body, which unlocks more professional features such as dual XLR inputs with phantom power, SDI outputs, V-Lock battery capabilites, D-tap power outputs, and timecode in/out. The new version – the KineBACK-W – seems a lot easier to attach, requiring only a couple of screws rather than fumbling around with a delicate ribbon cable, as was the case with the Terra. This means it is a lot quicker to go from a fully built-up camera to the compact 990g body-only, perfect for mounting on a gimbal.

New MAVO Prime  Cinema Lenses – $11,999

Kinefinity also announced a series of PL prime lenses, including 25, 35, 50, 75 and 100mm focal lengths. These lenses offer a complete range and have full frame coverage. At $11,999 for the set, that comes in at roughly $2,400 per lens.

MAVO Pricing & Availability

The Kinefinity MAVO camera will be available in four packages:

  • Body Only: $7,999
  • Basic: $9,499
  • Pro: $10,999
  • Full: $13,999


Exact shipping times for both the camera, packages and lenses is yet to be announced, so keep an eye out in the near future for more details.

For more information on the Kinefinity MAVO and MAVO LF, visit

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