LAPPG 11/15/2018 – Making Your Movie For $1K & Experimenting With Self-Distribution

Director John K.D. Graham, Cinematographer Richard Galli, and Producer/Actors Helenna Santos and Alexandra Boylan all set out to do what many filmmakers would consider impossible. The four of them trekked through the New Mexico desert for 12 days to shoot their feature film At Your Own Risk with a $1,000 production budget. Upon returning to Los Angeles, their post-production team brought this micro-budget film to life.


At Your Own Risk was created to test the self-distribution model, releasing on iTunes and Amazon through Distribber (as well as with added Behind the Scenes and Filmmaker Commentary). At the time of this writing, the film has nothing but 5 star reviews on iTunes.

Alexandra, John and Rick will be sharing this journey with the LAPPG community. Find out how four people shot a feature film for $1,000, navigated post with a handful of people and adapted the film along the way, you can follow their journey on instagram at @atyour_ownrisk.

Stay tuned for more information on this exciting meeting!


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As always there will be plenty of time to network, enjoy some coffee and participate in our great giveaway!

$5.00 kindly requested at the door will include 1 giveaway ticket.


Crossroads School for Arts & Sciences

@Roth Hall

1714 21st Street

Santa Monica, CA 90404

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