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Launch Party For Indie Doc On LA’s “Super Secret Comedy Show” This Thursday, May 14th

Fans of live comedy everywhere should take notice of “Not So Super Secret Comedy Shows: A Documentary”. Chronicling the origins of Los Angeles’ Super Secret Comedy Show, the indie documentary brings together a number of high profile comedians to discuss the long running comedy show and its creator, Hunter Hill. And, for a special treat for L.A. area residents, the documentary’s Indieagogo launch party is this Thursday.

Some of the comedic names brought together in the documentary by Director Roberto Ahumada of Knight Owl Productions include Iliza Shlesinger, Andy Kindler, Kyle Kinane, Bryan Callen, Brad Williams, Jerrod Carmichael, and more. Created by Hunter Hill, the Super Secret Comedy Show has become known for its relaxed atmosphere and amazingly high quality comedy acts which bring together talented novices and pro veterans of the comedy scene. The show is celebrating its two year anniversary this month, and Director Roberto Ahumada and his crew will be following Hill’s work on the show for the next year, as well as traveling to a number of other underground comedy shows to interview their creators.

So, it seems like the perfect time for a Indieagogo launch party does it not? That’s right, this coming Thursday, May 14th, L.A. area residents can actually help support this awesome documentary and the Super Secret Comedy Show by attending the launch party. Attendance is technically free, but there’s no reason not to support this amazing indie doc about an equally amazing comedy show.

One of the marvels of the documentary is actually the hardware Director Ahumada and his DPs Jose Salvador Sanchez and Vasco Cesaretti used to shoot their footage thus far. The list includes Sony A6000s, a Canon 7D, a Canon T3i and a Nikon D5300. Those interested in more hardware during the making of the film should stay tuned to HDSLR Shooter. Of course you could also attend Thursday’s event and ask the crew yourself…

From the Super Secret Show:

Super Secret Comedy Show was started in May of 2013. The show, crafted by Hunter Hill, was created as a way for up-and-coming talent to get stage time with reputable comedy legends, while providing the public a high caliber show. We warmly welcome our audience and provide a relaxed atmosphere to sip drinks and hang out, often with the very comics that were just on stage. In it’s first year, Super Secret has quickly established itself as an institution for comedy. With it’s consistently stellar lineups, some of the worlds biggest names in comedy and LA’s burgeoning amateur comics, The Super Secret Comedy Show is sure to impress. Don’t tell your friends.

So be sure to visit to register (and donate!) for the event, and definitely check out for more on this amazing and super secret comedy show.

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