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Learn ‘How to Package and Sell a TV Show’ From The Industry Workshops & Hollywood Producer Jonathan Lee Smith

So you have a script, but no idea how to move forward in making your dream come true? Well The Industry Workshops are here to help. This Saturday, March 4th, at 9:00am they bring Hollywood producer Jonathan Lee Smith to tell you how to package your project for all kinds of different formats.

Jonathan Lee Smith (center) on set.

Jonathan Lee Smith has been working in the industry for over a decade and will spend the 3-hour class teaching you to successfully package a TV series. He’ll be reviewing “sizzle reels and character development reels for shows that have both sold along with ones that have not”, and will even screen your your sizzle reel, character development reel, or development package if you bring it along, giving you a chance at a hollywood insider and group audience’s critique. Smith will also cover the arduous task of finding representation for yourself, as well as the process of finding and selecting a showrunner.

‘How to Package and Sell a TV Show!’ is this Saturday, March 4th at 9:00am at CBS’ Radford Studios in Los Angeles (4024 Radford Ave, Studio City, CA 91604) for just $40. For more information, see below, and be sure to sign up at


How to Package and Sell a TV Show!

Packaging and selling TV, whether it’s scripted or unscripted requires thinking like a Show Runner! Scripted, Unscripted… is there a difference in the packaging? How do I take my idea and get it in front of a network? How do I walk in with a licensing deal instead of going the traditional route? What are networks buying, and how do I get a show runner to help me pitch and sell? Learn all of this and more in an easy-to-understand approach from a working show runner.

During this class, we will spend some time watching sizzle reels and character development reels for shows that have both sold along with ones that have not. We will also explore the difference between “format” and “docu-series” and which one is hot right now. Packaging different formats can be overwhelming at times, however learning the proper methods makes all of the difference.

***If you have a sizzle reel, character development reel, or development package you can bring it for a chance to have it discussed in a group setting.***

Who should attend: Writers, Directors, Producers, Actors, and anyone who wants to make and sell a TV show.

Requirements: Something to take notes

By the end of this Workshop, you will know:

  1. How to successfully package a TV Series.
  2. How to get representation for a TV show prior to walking into a network.
  3. What a show runner does and how to find one for your project.

About the Instructor:

Jonathan Lee Smith (Jon Smith) has enjoyed his work in the entertainment industry for over 14 years. With a background in live production he started producing TV and Film in 2005, further developing his passion and skill set with each project. Working on multiple unscripted shows on 4 continents, he has since gone onto become a Showrunner and is the founder of Hoplite Entertainment based in West Hollywood CA.

Working on unscripted, animated, narrative, and feature content, Smith is known for being very hands on with an aggressive approach to story telling.

He has also produced or directed various music videos and commercials, both domestically and internationally.

Married to actress Jane Park Smith, they currently reside in CA with their dog Rocky (who also works in the entertainment industry).

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