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Libec’s New & Improved RH25D & RH45D Series Tripod Heads

Libec has redesigned two of their popular fluid heads into the new RH25D and RH45D, with dual base design allowing you to pan, tilt, and slide, as well as numerous other improvements.


Due to the heads’ 3/8-inch screw, it’s perfectly compatible with sliders that have 3/8-inch screws such as Libec’s own ALLEX slider. Their 75mm bowl heads also makes them compatible with any other 75mm tripods, providing versatility in their use with your tripod of choice. The RH25D and RH45D even have “perfect counterbalance technology”, as Libec explains, “Once the right counterbalance is achieved, the camera remains stationary at any tilt angle to maintain precise control resulting in smooth pan & tilt shots”. Finally, the RH25D and RH45D have a super smooth drag system that provides steady motion to all your panning and tilting motions.

The RH25D and RH45D are available now for roughly $499 and $769 respectively, with prices varying depending on individual retailers.

For more information on both heads, be sure to visit the product pages for the RH25D and RH45D, as well as

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