Litepanels "Croma" LEDs Shine Light on Human Trafficking Doc "Life is Love"


While filming human trafficking documentary “Life is Love” Cinequest Pictures needed a lighting source to film in dimly lit, small areas in Cambodia.  Their line-producer Marcela Villegas Castanon thought that Litepanels “Croma” on camera LED lighting was up for the job.


“Our DPs have used Litepanels LEDs before and they told me these lights would be what we needed as we entered dim and small areas (brothels, small houses) for specific interviews,” says Castanon.  They purchased 4 of the “Croma” model LED light that were mounted on their C300s.  They provided the right amount of light every time.

Litepanels provides a variety of LED lighting technologies.  It was founded in 2001 by 5 professional gaffers and engineers.  Their now Emmy Award winning technology has helped filmmakers shine light on areas once thought impossible.


The versatile “Croma” on camera LED lights, with a color temperature range from Tungsten to Daylight, were used as fill lights for outdoor interviews, interview backlights in rooms too small to set up a C-stand, and to light up dark areas that would otherwise be un-shootable.  The crew commented on how easy and quick the lights are to set up, great for on the fly filming.  The “Croma” light runs on 6 AA batteries, making power easy to find.

Life is Love will be completed in February, just in time for the Cannes film festival.  Additionally, it will be submitted to Toronto, Sundance, and be showcased at the company’s own Cinequest Film Festival in 2014.

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