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NAB 2015: Canon’s Oft Rumored C300 Mark II, Now A Reality – Video

Perhaps one of the most prolific rumors going into NAB was that of the C300 Mark II. So we were excited to speak with Cannon’s Tim Smith about the new and improved C300 Mark II.

Smith is quick to make clear that this is not a replacement for the original C300 model. “It’s another camera”, say Smith. “Whole new sensor, whole new processing system, whole completely different feature set”. This new sensor provides 15 stops of latitude, “about as high as it gets in the industry” as Smith puts it. The C300 Mark II has an interchangeable mount (EF and PL),

Canon seems to have taken a lot of pointers from their customers and tried to add in as much of their requests as they could. For example, Smith mentions they recieved a request from a lot of documentarians to have a scrtach track. So they included an on board mic in addition to the XLR and other audio inputs. Canon also recieved several requests to change the HUD in the viewfinder to make it less crowded but still informative. In response Canon added a feature that lets you push in the image in the viewfinder slightly so that any relevant data is displayed in the margins and not on the image.

The C300 Mark II will be available September/October 2015 for $15,999. For more information, see our interview above, and go to

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