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NAB 2015: Keep Your Entire Production On Time & In Line With Studio Suite

Studio Suite is a powerful project management software from Alter Media that helps keep films on budget and on time. Comprised of several modules, Studio Suite keeps track of scheduling, contacts, inventory, rental schedules, budgets, invoicing and even media assets. We stopped to speak with Joel Stoner for more on this indispensable tool.

Project Management


Studio Suite is a fully functional production and post-production management software, with a flexible interface that can accommodate virtually any production or post-production workflow. In the Projects module you can track all resources and information related to each project.



Studio Suite is a complete production and post-production scheduling, tracking, and management software used the world over by 1400+ television, film and recording studios to generate massive quantities of digital media on time and on budget. A cornerstone of the production, post-production, and recording studio management software is the calendar module.

Contact Management


Whether it’s scheduling a video production or managing a studio, managing your contacts is a critical component, and Studio Suite’s Contacts module is your solution. The Contacts module not only displays linked information about each contact, but is also a powerful contact management system designed specifically for the audio/video/media production industry. 

Inventory Tracking & Rental


Studio Suite is a complete equipment inventory software platform, designed to simplify the process of keeping track of your equipment and parts inventories. The Equipment module allows you to keep track of all of the equipment that you own. A separate record for each item is created, showing purchase date and amount, current location, serial and model numbers, value, etc. The Partsmodule is where you keep track of all equipment parts (a part can be an individual item such as hard drives, adapters, transformers, connectors, chip sets, resistors and diodes, etc. or it can contain another part). The Maintenance module tracks equipment repair statuses and maintenance needs.

Budgeting & Invoicing


No project management software would be complete without considering the financial side of things. Studio Suite’s Projects, Rates, and Invoices modules work cooperatively to help keep your money organized. In the Projects module you can track all of a project’s critical financial information.

Media Asset Management


Studio Suite is a complete media scheduling software and digital asset management system that enables you to manage all of your digital media and asset management workflows. Digital assets are logged in relation to a project and automatically stored on the server and accessible to all Studio Suite users.

For more on the multifaceted and ultra powerful Studio Suite, be sure to visit

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