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NAB 2015: Unleash Your Production’s Full Potential With Rampant Design Tools

Rampant Design’s cross platform ‘Style Effects’ are drag and drop effects any filmmaker can use to elevate their production. All practically shot effects, Style Effects were created by Rampant Design Lead Creative Sean Mullen, himself a 20 year VFX veteran. We stopped to speak with Mullen at NAB about Style Effects and what sets them apart in today’s VFX world.

Rampant Design creates Style Effects for video, designed to significantly enhance content for editors, VFX and motion graphics artists. Our Style Effects are created by post production industry veterans; award-winning VFX artist Sean Mullen and post production expert, Stefanie Mullen. Style Effects are ultra high definition visual effects and designs, personally created by award-winning VFX artist Sean Mullen. Style Effects come in literally thousands of different effects and are packaged as Quicktime files, enabling artists to simply drag and drop them to any editing platform.

Rampant Design Style Effects are not plug-ins and therefore, are not platform dependent. They work on all editing software platforms, and because they are packaged as Quicktime files, artists can simply drag and drop any Rampant Style Effects right on the timeline, instantly creating stunning, ultra high definition looks and effects.

You can download some of Rampant Design’s 4K effects for free at

For more information on Rampant Design in general, be sure to visit

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