NAB 2016: RigWheels’ Super Smooth RailDolly Kit

RigWheels’ RailDolly Kit provides smooth motion to up to 100 pounds of camera, granting superior stability for heavy-duty productions.

Our RailDolly configuration is the perfect option for professionals who need a solid portable camera dolly / slider for a mid to large size camera (Up to 100lb).

The RailDolly Camera Dolly has a larger footprint than some of our other options so it provides a more stability when using full-size cameras. The RailDolly is also a good option for critical audio recording because operation is silent with its semi-soft wheels. This configuration uses one RigPlate, two RigAxles and two different types of skate wheels.

You can use this system with any pipe/tube with an OD between 1-2″. Most common is 1-1/4″ Schedule 80 aluminum pipe (speed-rail) which can be purchased at a metal supplier.  Another great material to use which is more widely available is heavy-duty, chrome closet pole available at Home Depot, Lowe’s etc… The RailDolly Camera Dolly can also be used on square or rectangular rails. Square/rectangular rails are much more rigid at long lengths than tube/pipe so if you’re going to be putting a BIG camera rig in motion this is an ideal option.

With the components in this kit you can also configure our RigSkate so you get 2 great options for movement.

As with all RigWheels products, the price of the RailDolly Kit varies (from $99 to $899) due to its modular build. For more information on this and all of RigWheels awesome products, visit

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