NAB 2018: Backblaze Is Here To Revolutionize Your Data Backups

Backblaze is a media backup service that allows unlimited backup and storage for PC and Mac computers for just $5 a month. Yes, it sounded too good to be true to us too, so we stopped to speak with Backblaze’s Yev Pusin at NAB 2018 to learn just how awesome  Backblaze is and how extensive their service really is.

Backblaze offers full data backup and storage, providing users multiple ways to do so. Backups can be done manually, or set to occur on an hourly schedule or even when the computer is idle. And when you need your data restored? Backblaze allows you to do so through digital download, or they will deliver the data to you on a USB hard drive or flash drive, depending on the size of the data. While all the continuous uploading and potential downloading sounds incredibly taxing on one’s bandwith, Backblaze actually uses data compression to allow for as smooth a transition as possible. While it’s a great service for the average user, editors, productions and studios could make great use of the service, especially as one’s digital library grows outlandish to house in physical hard drives.

More specific to NAB, Pusin explained their B2 Cloud Storage, which allows a completely browser and cloud based storage solution in the vein of other cloud storage services, such as Google Drive and Dropbox. However you only pay for what you use, at only $0.005/GB per month for data storage and only $0.01/GB to download data. Or, as Pusin puts it, just $5 a month per terabyte.

You can find out more about Backblaze’s awesome offerings in our interview above, as well as through their sponsorship of the hit web series Critical Role. Above all, be sure to visit them directly at


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