NAB 2018: Lux Machina’s Work On “Han Solo”, Netflix’s “The Irishman” & More

In addition to their film work (the upcoming Han Solo, Rogue One and Star Trek to name a few), Lux Machina handles a wide variety of projects, including  theme park attractions, movie theaters and awards shows such as the Golden Globes and iHeartRadio Music Awards. We stopped to speak with Lux Machina Co-founder and Chief Technology Officer, Phil Galler, who was able to speak about their latest work on Han Solo, after teasing us about it at Cine Gear 2017.

In-Camera VFX are techniques Lux Machina has developed and utilized to provide solutions that help many of the VFX departments most complex and costly challenges, including getting organic, realistic reflections on sets without going on location. This is great for providing realistic scenes and backgrounds on set using large LED screens that can be quickly and easily adjusted, for instance to change the scene from day to night, outdoor or indoor, etc. It provides a great tool for VFX pros to expand their work beyond the usual avenues and help bring a greater sense of realism. And it’s all done “in camera”, without having to rely so heavily on post production to get the look you want.

Co-founder and CTO, Phil Galler is truly passionate and genuinely invested in bringing the benefits of technology like high-end media servers, automated lighting, LED and projection systems to broadcast and film projects as well as themed entertainment attractions. Offering a deep understanding of the underlying technology and tools available, he composes unique, yet practical solutions that always work to cinematographers, lighting designers and producers. Instrumental in spearheading today’s use of interactive, immersive onset lighting to accompany ever-changing VFX workflow, he has extensive knowledge of motion picture and broadcast sets and the intricacies of acquisition through post-production.

You can find out more about Lux Machina and their work at

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