NAB 2018: Schneider Optics Rainbow True-Streak, Radiant Soft & True Net Filters

Schneider Optics has a great array of filters that allow you to achieve a variety of different looks, such as their Rainbow True-Streak filters that offers a truly striking effect.


We stopped to speak with Schneider Optics’ Don Shafer for more on their latest products, the Rainbow True-Streak, Radiant Soft and True Net filters.

Schneider Rainbow True-Streak Filter

  • Streak Effect from Point Light Source
  • Anamorphic, Symmetric, Elongated Streaks
  • Horizontal Streaks from Light Source
  • Spectrum of up to 7 Colors for Streaks
  • Water White Glass Construction
  • Padded Pouch


Merging all eight of the single True-Streak colors together we have created the remarkable Rainbow Streak filter. Special techniques designed to merge the colors allow them to seamlessly flow, creating a beautiful effect reminiscent of the multi-color flares on uncoated lenses. Depending on your lighting, you can make this filter go from subtle beauty to dramatic super pop!

The Schneider Rainbow True-Streak Filter is designed to be used perpendicular to a point light source such as the sun, a light bulb, or a candle. Within the filter’s glass is a combination of fine line types whose action is limited to point light sources. Upon those light sources, those lines create the effect of a scene or image that has been recorded with an anamorphic lens and then displayed using a complementary reverse projection lens. This can result in prominent, elongated streaks that are symmetric and extend horizontally from each point light source to draw attention to a specific part of the frame, or to create a visually dramatic effect.

Rainbow True Streak filters are available in 4X4, 4X5.65 and 6.6X6.6 sizes.

Available now for $329 to $595 at

Schneider Radiant Soft Filter

  • Reduces Subject Blemishes and Wrinkles
  • Glowing Effect for Skin Tones
  • Maintains Contrast and Highlights
  • Water White Glass Construction
  • Padded Pouch


The Radiant Soft™ series expands Schneider’s diffusion filter line, bringing cinematographers and photographers the ability to give their subject’s skin a radiant, soft glow, while still having control over the contrast, as well as controlling the highlights with very little blooming effect.

From the Schneider MPTV Filter engineers:“Radiant Soft™ filters are the result of an intense study of how the internal component of the filter will affect the resulting image. We have formulated a very special laminate which utilizes geometric two-dimensional (planar) particles which are carefully classified to yield the most flattering result. The Radiant Soft™ filters have the effect of toning down skin imperfections while having a limited effect on contrast or highlights. Planar particle selection is the key to avoiding the undesired result of a diffusion filter that assaults contrast and over-blooms highlights.”

Radiant Soft filters are available in 7 strengths in both 4X5.65 and 6.6X6.6 sizes.

Available now for $329 to $595 at

Schneider True Net Diffusion Filters



The NEW True-Net diffusion filters bring the struggles of stretching old stockings on the lens to an end. Real hosiery, made on the same knitting machines since the 1950’s and set between water-white glass, allows for consistency every time you use them. Now the illustrious vintage look can be achieved with modern convenience! Available in three color options and several densities to create your timeless look.


Each filter is available now for $365 at

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