NAB 2018: SmallHD’s New Focus OLED 5″ Monitors

SmallHD debuted not one, not two, but five new monitors at NAB 2018. We spoke with SmallHD’s Wes Philips about how these new products drastically expand the FOCUS monitor family by adding OLED, SDI, and wireless into the mix.

FOCUS OLED HDMI – $699 – Expected availability: April 30

The FOCUS OLED HDMI is a 1920×1080 resolution, 5-inch OLED touchscreen with a Micro HDMI input. Similar to the original FOCUS monitor, this wide color gamut display has a 7.2v power output to power DSLR/mirrorless cameras.

FOCUS OLED SDI – $799 – Expected availability: May 31

The FOCUS OLED SDI is identical to the HDMI version, except it has a full-size SDI input. Both have an edge-to-edge bonded glass display, include the SmallHD Tilt Arm mounting solution, and are equipped with the OS3 software suite.


FOCUS SDI – $599 – Expected availability: April 30

Complementing the SmallHD FOCUS (which was announced last year at NAB) is the FOCUS SDI. This daylight viewable LCD offers the same functionality and portability as the original FOCUS but offers a full-size SDI input as opposed to a Micro HDMI.

The FOCUS SDI ships with the SmallHD Tilt Arm, which will attach quickly atop a camera handle via shoe mount. High resolution Scopes, customizable False Color, real-time 3D LUTs and many more professional software tools are easily accessible on the FOCUS SDI’s 800 nit bright touchscreen.


FOCUS Bolt TX – $1299 – Expected availability: May 31

The FOCUS Bolt TX is a 5-inch, daylight viewable touchscreen LCD with a built-in Teradek transmitter. The 500ft transmitter is compatible with the FOCUS Bolt RX, 703 Bolt monitor/receiver, Teradeck Bolt 500 and Sidekick II receivers.

FOCUS Bolt RX – $1299 – Expected availability: May 31

The FOCUS Bolt RX is perhaps the lightest wireless monitor/receiver available. Shipping with the 5-inch touchscreen are the lightweight (extra grippy) monitor handles and Sony L Series battery. The FOCUS Bolt TX/RX add a layer of convenience and creative freedom to wireless workflow.

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