NAB 2018: Your Gimbal Elevated – Redrock Micro Drops the DigiBoom

Redrock Micro’s DigiBoom was announced day one of NAB 2018, winning two awards for its design by the end of the show. We naturally wanted to know more about the device that resulted from Redrock’s technology partnership with Disney research and development, so we spoke with Redrock’s Brian Valente for more on this game changing invention.

Key Product Features Include:

  • Complete Control of operation and settings for both camera and gimbal, all from your fingertips
  • State of the Art Gimbal with power to stabilize cameras and lenses up to 6.5lb
  • Dual Gimbal modes for fully automated camera aim and angle, fully manual, or hybrid M/A control
  • Professional audio including standard connectors and shielded wiring that is fully integrated into the DigiBoom for onboard camera audio, onboard mixer, or external sound mixer.
  • Professional power with onboard power for camera, DigiBoom, and accessories using batteries you probably already have. Use the external power jack for unlimited run time
  • Full time monitoring via the bright high resolution display mounted right where the operator needs it
  • Modular for many different setups including jib, drone-like, Steadicam, and handheld all with one rig
  • Broadcast workflow and quality whether live or pre-recorded, DigiBoom provides industry-standard video, audio and wireless with connectors and accessories
  • Minimal training enables broadcast quality and delivery of totally unique content from day one



DigiBoom is a new gimbal-stabilized camera rig that merges the best of Steadicam, jib, drone, and handheld with the portability of an ENG camera. DigiBoom powers your cameras to go from ground level to over 8’ and everywhere in between while the integrated gimbal keeps shots smooth and steady (up to 12’ with the optional extension). You can use DigiBoom to create sweeping camera moves or place cameras into unusual point-of-views for maximum visual impact:

  • Get impossible shots– DigiBoom reaches any target, moves quickly, and gets angles and were previously unimaginable
  • Elevate your game – Extend the pole up to 8 feet to get shots of the tallest on the court, a crowded field and even places where tripods or handheld aren’t practical. Use the optional 3 foot extension accessory for even higher and truly epic views
  • Operate above the crowd – Get in front of, above, below, or around any obstacles with total control of camera angle and position
  • Perfect new moves – Create dynamic and premium cinema-style shots with smooth gimbal stabilization that will have people saying “How did they do that?“



Designed for Fast-Moving Productions and Small Crews

DigiBoom doesn’t require additional crew or specialized skills, and can be learned in a few hours of practice. Familiar camera controls and functions are similar to traditional ENG cameras, and gimbal controls are intuitive and responsive. Solo camera operators are more productive and creative, now with options for unique dynamic footage. The highly mobile rig means shots and angles can be easily improvised for fast-moving news or on-the-spot creative choices.


DigiBoom works with Your Current Workflow

DigiBoom easily integrates with existing broadcast workflow, whether plugging in live to the production truck or recording b-roll. All the codecs, resolutions, and connectivity is there so DigiBoom is up and running on day one.

The Redrock Micro DigiBoom is available for pre-order with a $500 deposit, and is projected for a summer 2018 release for under $4,000.

For more information on the DigiBoom, visit

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