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New AtomOS 5 Update

Atomos just released their latest update to their AtomOS 5 operating system. It adds a number of color adjustments, support for the Spyder Color Calibration Unit and more.

Here’s the full feature set from Atomos:

Rec. 709 Screen Adjustments and C-Log

AtomOS 5.1 now has screen color adjustments of Gamma, Y Lift and Y Gain. Canon C-Log users will enjoy the on screen C-Log color display. With one simple touch, switch instantly between Rec. 709 and C-Log.

Atomos Spyder Calibration

Atomos Spyder color calibration support has been added to AtomOS 5.1. The Blade is the world’s first portable recorder to feature on-set screen colour calibration. Featuring calibration Matrix and 1D LUTs. Click here to download the software for the Atomos Spyder.

More Battery Display Options with D-Tap Mode and AC

When D-Tap Mode is active, AtomOS 5.1 stops constant checking between batteries. This avoids mic clicks due to earth loops in some camera situations. Failover switching will remain active.

New to AtomOS 5.1 is a visual indication when powered from AC.

You can find out more at, including the download link and a tutorial on updating your Atomos recorder.

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