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New Canon EOS M2 – Not Coming To The US?

Canon’s new EOS M2 was just announced last week for Japan. But new information from Canon Rumors suggests that it may end up being a Japan and China exclusive.

It’s wi-fi capabilities and smaller form set it apart from its predecessor the Canon EOS M, as it retains the same pixel count and image processing. The specs have been been all around the web over the last week, and we have a few links to more technical info at the end of this post, but here’s just a quick bit of them from Canon Rumors:

Type: Single-lens mirrorless AF / AE camera
Recording Media: SD Memory Card, SDHC Memory Card, SDXC Memory Card compatible with UHS-I
Image Sensor Size: Approximately 22.3×14.9 mm
Compatible Lenses: Canon EF-M, EF and EF-S lens mount adapter need EF-EOS M. (35 mm equivalent focal length is approximately 1.6 times lens focal length)
Lens Mount: Canon EF-M mount


The EOS M2, available in all its monochromatic glory, in both white...
The EOS M2, available in all its monochromatic glory, in both white…

The most interesting part about this is Canon Rumors claims that it will be available in Japan only, while TechRadar also mentions it will be available in both Japan and China, at least for the foreseeable future. As Canon Rumors mention, “…there is no press release from Canon USA or Canon UK, and my [Canon Rumors] contact at Canon Canada didn’t even know the camera was coming”. Regional exclusive products aren’t anything new, however it is odd that they would only release an upgrade of a previous camera available elsewhere in only two countries.

…as well as black.

Perhaps it’s simply a marketing tactic to rustle up publicity for the new camera, or just a mix up in distribution? It could also be a selective release to see how well the camera performs before a worldwide release. Even if it was planned for a worldwide release, it seems that they would have at least mentioned it, as the marketing campaigns for such releases tend to be several months before release itself. However, without any more info we’re left only to guess, so we’ll just have to wait and see.

You can see more about the Canon EOS M2 all across the web. Here are a few places:

Canon Rumors – Canon EOS M2 Gets Official in Asia, Not Coming to the USA or Europe?

TechRadar – Canon’s EOS M2 is an even more compact compact system camera

DP Review – Canon announces EOS M2 in Japan

Gizmag – Canon reveals the EOS M2 mirrorless interchangeable lens camera

Engadget – Canon’s EOS M2 mirrorless camera promises double the focusing speed of the original

TechCrunch – Canon’s Long-Awaited EOS M2 Hopes To Improve On Canon’s First Mirrorless With Improved AF

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