New Online Tool Makes Hyperlapses Using Google Maps Easy To Master


This week, a new tool developed by Teehan + Lax was released that makes trendy “hyperlapses” easy!  If you’re not familiar with a hyperlapse, it’s basically a fast time-lapse type video- “a combination of stop-motion and time-lapse photography (…), whereby the footage is made dynamic through the introduction of rotations and pans.” (

Google Maps Hyperlapse

Check out a hyperlapse created with this tool-

Google Street View Hyperlapse

Filmmakers around the world have been spending countless hours meticulously stitching together several photos to make amazing hyperlapses.  With this new tool, you can put together an amazing hyperlapse using Google Maps Street view in a matter of minutes!  Check out the new tool HERE and then upload your hyperlapses to Vimeo and post a link in the comments section below!

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