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NVIDIA Explains The Magic Behind The New HP ZBook 17: The Quadro K5100M

As NVIDIA says in their opening sentence, “…mobile workstations are being used by more professionals than ever”. This couldn’t be a more true statement, and with the constant rise of 4K footage needing to be processed, it’s becoming more and more difficult to move projects onto any mobile platform. NVIDIA seems to have made this a priority in the crafting of their new Quadro K5100M video card.

Included with the new HP ZBook 17, the K5100M is touted as being the “…ultimate mobile tool for digital film and video professionals” by “providing features and capabilities once only available on desk-bound workstations”. They even specifically call it “perfect” for 4K post production, using its 8GB of dedicated graphics memory to help the computer perform while multitasking a number of processes during post. The HP ZBook itself has a 1920×1080 display, and NVIDIA mentions that it can also be connected to a 4K display “…through an onboard DisplayPort 1.2 connector” for those who are looking for something a bit bigger.

Lastly, the Zbook comes with an onboard thunderbolt port, providing high speed connections to cameras, media storage, and more. All these features come together to make the ZBook 17 a great mobile workstation for any video professional needing to get away from their desk.

There’s small bit from their post below, but you can find out more about NVIDIA’s Quadro K5100M and the HP ZBook 17 on NVIDIA’s blog at

From the seismic interpreter looking for oil deposits in the remote Athabasca Tar Sands, to the design engineer making final edits on his widget while on vacation at the beach, to the event videographer shooting HD for the evening news, mobile workstations are being used by more professionals than ever.

The new HP ZBook  17 Mobile Workstation with the NVIDIA Quadro K5100M GPU, with GPUDirect for Video, is the ultimate mobile tool for digital film and video professionals – providing features and capabilities once only available on desk-bound workstations.

Desktop power, now in concentrated form: the NVIDIA Quadro K5100M GPU

Perfect for 4K and beyond post-processing workflows, the 1,536 CUDA parallel processor cores of the K5100M deliver visualization rendering and compute performance previously unheard of in a mobile platform. The massive 8GB of dedicated graphics memory quickly processes the most complex shots, including those with more and larger frames, compositing layers, visual effects and graphics models – all present simultaneously.

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